Paralell alternative

Uiliuili bench by Piotr Żuraw

„My work is an excercise in finding out what thinking is.” – Frederick Matthias Alexander

When I think about Alexander Technique it comes to my mind just simply reflection of one word – THINKING. Is Alexander Technique about thinking? Definetly, if we gave yourself a time and space. Using the Inhibition. Say STOP to yourself and you get paralell alternative.

This is the moment when the child`s play begin. You can do everything, there is no limitation so you can make decisions and mistakes, change a path and to try again, and again without frustration but with having fun. What’s about our common sense? There is a common sense but on the edge of ourrselves. Are we yet there? In majority no, but we love limit ourselves. Limitations are imitations of us. Leave it at least for a moment. We are fuller as we THINK, no as we worry.

So Alexander Technique is for me an essential approach to life, a smile to the circumstances, a new challenge, searching for solutions, change, freedom, play, joy, space, and more: a choice, a method, a technique, a skill, a competence, an ability, consciousness, mentality, stillness, dekompression, a guide, a process and this is my THINKING. Thanks to so many applications of Alexander Technique exist a whole spectrum of it’s definitions. And that’s great strength of this method. There is a lot of paralell options.

You have a choice to go not as usual. Which path you’ll go this time? Stay openminded 😉


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