Next evolutionary step?

„To know when we are wrong is all that we shall ever know in this world.”


Take a look at this picture above. It was made during my workshops. I was asking the participant just to stand together in the line, to listen about next excerscise-game. One girl hold his neck with a hand, maybe she is nervous, or maybe his neck is painful or she is confused of something, probably she is not aware of it. As well as the next two persons who are just leaning forward and slumped down. They think this is their normal standing position. It’s harmful it’s unhealthy, it’s preposterous!

Can Alexander Technique be next evolutionary step as F.M considered? Maybe not by itself, but we can provide that this method could contribute to this. What is next evolutionary step? For example fantasy like this: People standing straight upright, there is no weird tension on his faces, just pure emotions. True appearing emotions like in child faces. There are open, ready to initiate and to play with others. They look around with dignity, poise and curiosity. The health and mental diseases leave our bodies with an every year forward. Joy of work replaces cult of work. We are not volnerable but sensitive and with emphathy we understand diffrent points of view, cause we listen to each other. We express ourselves precisely. There is no spam stuff in rooms we exist. We reconnect in the future which turns out to be the present.

Overcoming our inability to connect has to be done. What abilites to reconnect we have? Eye contact, smell contact, touch contact, probably much more as we know already, there is a lot of senses. Rising up from slumped body. It is so hard as so simple.

If we will even just able to stand upright with pleasure, joy, fluidity, the source of what, it will be for us? What development reserves are to discover? Changing people from carriers of problems to carriers of ideas. What a divine gift is that? A simple leverage to next level. Puzzle thinking, circumstances as a riddle, a playground world.

We need some space for that journey so reduce excess, replace lack and just go!


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