Using knees as a form of humiliation.

Dignity. This word describes a fantastic affect of Alexander Technique to practicioners. Alexander Technique restores our dignity. We are a carriers of our bodies, we are their owners. It seems so obvious that we should care for them, respect and be gentle with them.

Standing upright is not just a phisical experience. It`s much deeper, an act of reconnection ourselves to the surroundings. This little „click” thing above the top of our head, and under our feet, that makes a kind of positive suspention and locates us in context of the horizontal world is a magnificiant achievement of a human kind and can even give us a little belief about our dominion of the horizontal reality.

But what`s about squatting, kneeling. For me it was an expierience of shame and disgrace. Tying a shoe, raising a coin found on the street. I pretendet to myself that I was doing it, to do that. The same thing with going to sleep. somnolence or hunger reminded me of weakness, as well like squatting or kneeling which reminded me of paying tribute! So going down was for me a kind of challenge. For many psychical reasons I was thinking like that. And I couldnt fall into sleep just like that. Now such a problems seems so bizzare, funny and distant. Now I know it was related to some kind of social phobia what I got rid of over time.