Using knees as a form of humiliation.

Dignity. This word describes a fantastic affect of Alexander Technique to practicioners. It restores our dignity. Standing upright is not just a phisical experience. It`s much deeper process, is an act of reconnection with ourselves and the universe. This little „click” thing above the top of our head and beneath our feets makes a kind of positive suspention and locates us in context of the world. As Kate Kelly mentioned in his book „Before the curtain opens – Alexander Technique in Actor`s Life” –

„First of all, you have to accept that you are balancing on a rotating planet and that, whether you know it or not, you are never standing still.”

So there is a myriad mikroscales movements in our body that makes an adjustment to the WHOLESNESS (gravity, circulation of fluids in our body etc.) It’s interesting look at our relations to space, distance and general circumstances. Neighborhood, surroundings, enviroment. Man as a human being, man as an object, people as a set of elements. When I’m just thinking about standing, it is a source of pride. We are able to resist the force of gravity, we can overcoming space, it is our strength.

On the other hand I’d like to share with you my past thoughts experience about bending, kneeling, downwards things. For me it was often an expierience of shame, I felt it so subconsciously. Tying a shoe, raising a coin found on the street, going to sleep. The way, I was thinking about it, was related to submission and a sort of humiliation. Really, such as things were existed in my mind, in my patterns of thinking, so I was avoid just to do it easiest way. It was a challenge, so I was makeing some strategies. I played like an actor in my life, that I did this things, to explain to myslef that I could do them! Awesome!

I had the impression that every descent downwards highlighted my weaknesses, and the whole world was just waiting to watch me in these moments. The same was true for stopping. After all, I had to rush somewhere, otherwise, I will be conspicuous and for what? Problems with going to sleep and falling asleep were associated with another thinking trap. Namely, I considered sleep to be something unnecessary and wasting time. Opposing to this I tried to prove myself that I don’t need to sleep! Unbelievable!

In the standing position, however, I did not see how much I slouch, which certainly did not look so dignity. How and when it changed exactly I have no idea, but since I work with Alexander Technique I just realized it. Regards to you and your stories 🙂