Social disDancing

The emotional people walking in the crowd (me for instance), like to go crazy, when his kinesphere is constantly invaded by other persons. Kinesphere is our common space, a range of motion, it is simply our potencial of movements, potencial of our closest life. The limitations of staying in the crowd to long, can contribute to increasing frustration.

My limit of being in shoping centre is about 15-30 minutes. Then I become slowly overstimulated and nervous, not just because of „ministry of silly walks”, but also cause of the noise of this spaces. The same thing going along the street. Space around sounds are’nt „native” compareing to singing birds that never make me stressful. Of course I mean now not only phisical but also a psychic space for interactions.

So here we are. Virus time. Quarantanee, restrictions, and I’m confused, lost and happy. We are faceing with our patiency waiting in line. Social distancing sometimes look like a dancing. Social dis-dancing. Extended pedestrians zones in the cities causes the primacy of the car to be broken. It’s so cool to feel free going sidewalks. I would like to enjoy it every day not just during the Coronavirus crisis, I hope a lot of fantastic solutions from this time and that kind of social experience like solidarity, kindness, empathy, trust what I saw and met will stay with us for longer. Is it not a paradox that this distancing makes us more sensitive and create closeness beetween people? I have an impression that we are much more together as usual.

So the next time we see in the crowd, lets just give ourselves more space to each other. Ok? And let the rest go back to normal 😉

Let it be a Constructive Rest >>> o__/\_


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