About me

Hi, my name is Maciej Kowalczyk, I live in Poland and I`m a professional actor of Contemporary Theatre in Wroclaw. This blog is dedicated to one of my passion, which is Alexander Technique.

I have been working with people for more than a few years. The profession of an actor requires searching in many fields. It gives you the opportunity to experience different sensibilities, to sense human behavior and teaches how to deal with them. Being open, being conscious, being flexible and creative is the basis for functioning in this profession.

By working in the theater and organizing the intergenerational workshops, I learned how to listen and understand to people, how to watch them carefully, how to be patient and how to be forgiving. During those few years I managed to change my self-conscious attitude from an embarrassed, withdrawn boyfriend, into a confident, empathetic and positively oriented man to people and the world. I wish to share my experience with others additionally on the field of Alexander Technique, which is also contributed to these good changes.