Social disDancing

The emotional people walking in the crowd (me for instance), like to go crazy, when his kinesphere is constantly invaded by other persons. Kinesphere is our common space, a range of motion, it is simply our potencial of movements, potencial of our closest life. The limitations of staying in the crowd to long, can contribute to increasing frustration.

My limit of being in shoping centre is about 15-30 minutes. Then I become slowly overstimulated and nervous, not just because of „ministry of silly walks”, but also cause of the noise of this spaces. The same thing going along the street. Space around sounds are’nt „native” compareing to singing birds that never make me stressful. Of course I mean now not only phisical but also a psychic space for interactions.

So here we are. Virus time. Quarantanee, restrictions, and I’m confused, lost and happy. We are faceing with our patiency waiting in line. Social distancing sometimes look like a dancing. Social dis-dancing. Extended pedestrians zones in the cities causes the primacy of the car to be broken. It’s so cool to feel free going sidewalks. I would like to enjoy it every day not just during the Coronavirus crisis, I hope a lot of fantastic solutions from this time and that kind of social experience like solidarity, kindness, empathy, trust what I saw and met will stay with us for longer. Is it not a paradox that this distancing makes us more sensitive and create closeness beetween people? I have an impression that we are much more together as usual.

So the next time we see in the crowd, lets just give ourselves more space to each other. Ok? And let the rest go back to normal 😉

Let it be a Constructive Rest >>> o__/\_

Using knees as a form of humiliation.

Dignity. This word describes a fantastic affect of Alexander Technique to practicioners. Alexander Technique restores our dignity. We are a carriers of our bodies, we are their owners. It seems so obvious that we should care for them, respect and be gentle with them.

Standing upright is not just a phisical experience. It`s much deeper, an act of reconnection ourselves to the surroundings. This little „click” thing above the top of our head, and under our feet, that makes a kind of positive suspention and locates us in context of the horizontal world is a magnificiant achievement of a human kind and can even give us a little belief about our dominion of the horizontal reality.

But what`s about squatting, kneeling. For me it was an expierience of shame and disgrace. Tying a shoe, raising a coin found on the street. I pretendet to myself that I was doing it, to do that. The same thing with going to sleep. somnolence or hunger reminded me of weakness, as well like squatting or kneeling which reminded me of paying tribute! So going down was for me a kind of challenge. For many psychical reasons I was thinking like that. And I couldnt fall into sleep just like that. Now such a problems seems so bizzare, funny and distant. Now I know it was related to some kind of social phobia what I got rid of over time.

Next evolutionary step?

„To know when we are wrong is all that we shall ever know in this world.”


Take a look at this picture above. It was made during my workshops. I was asking the participant just to stand together in the line, to listen about next excerscise-game. One girl hold his neck with a hand, maybe she is nervous, or maybe his neck is painful or she is confused of something, probably she is not aware of it. As well as the next two persons who are just leaning forward and slumped down. They think this is their normal standing position. It’s harmful it’s unhealthy, it’s preposterous!

Can Alexander Technique be next evolutionary step as F.M considered? Maybe not by itself, but we can provide that this method could contribute to this. What is next evolutionary step? For example fantasy like this: People standing straight upright, there is no weird tension on his faces, just pure emotions. True appearing emotions like in child faces. There are open, ready to initiate and to play with others. They look around with dignity, poise and curiosity. The health and mental diseases leave our bodies with an every year forward. Joy of work replaces cult of work. We are not volnerable but sensitive and with emphathy we understand diffrent points of view, cause we listen to each other. We express ourselves precisely. There is no spam stuff in rooms we exist. We reconnect in the future which turns out to be the present.

Overcoming our inability to connect has to be done. What abilites to reconnect we have? Eye contact, smell contact, touch contact, probably much more as we know already, there is a lot of senses. Rising up from slumped body. It is so hard as so simple.

If we will even just able to stand upright with pleasure, joy, fluidity, the source of what, it will be for us? What development reserves are to discover? Changing people from carriers of problems to carriers of ideas. What a divine gift is that? A simple leverage to next level. Puzzle thinking, circumstances as a riddle, a playground world.

We need some space for that journey so reduce excess, replace lack and just go!

Paralell alternative

Uiliuili bench by Piotr Żuraw

„My work is an excercise in finding out what thinking is.” – Frederick Matthias Alexander

When I think about Alexander Technique it comes to my mind just simply reflection of one word – THINKING. Is Alexander Technique about thinking? Definetly, if we gave yourself a time and space. Using the Inhibition. Say STOP to yourself and you get paralell alternative.

This is the moment when the child`s play begin. You can do everything, there is no limitation so you can make decisions and mistakes, change a path and to try again, and again without frustration but with having fun. What’s about our common sense? There is a common sense but on the edge of ourrselves. Are we yet there? In majority no, but we love limit ourselves. Limitations are imitations of us. Leave it at least for a moment. We are fuller as we THINK, no as we worry.

So Alexander Technique is for me an essential approach to life, a smile to the circumstances, a new challenge, searching for solutions, change, freedom, play, joy, space, and more: a choice, a method, a technique, a skill, a competence, an ability, consciousness, mentality, stillness, dekompression, a guide, a process and this is my THINKING. Thanks to so many applications of Alexander Technique exist a whole spectrum of it’s definitions. And that’s great strength of this method. There is a lot of paralell options.

You have a choice to go not as usual. Which path you’ll go this time? Stay openminded 😉

I was biting my nails

„Sadly I think most nail-biters would like to stop, but don’t know how to. If you can’t stop a habit, then it is govering you.” – Peter Nobes (Mindfulness in 3D)

Everything started close here. At my fingertips. I decided to get rid of this habit. I was married and I had a job for few years, but I was still at school as I noticed, standing under the blackboard on mathematics. I was terrified, I was shamed, I didn`t know what to do. I was shocked, tensed and feel stupid. It was one of the reason, why I was biting my nails. My parents was asking “don’t bite you nails please”, but my father was biting them also, so I was. Then I read that this is a sign of intelligent people so I was thought it was fine an so on.

I was 27, and I decided to stop it, I was an adult and I shamed that I shame to my fingers with cracked nails in the contact with other people. Many times I had an impression that they are looking at my hands with pity. Stare or look surreptiously.

It cheated on me. That I was still not so confident as I would like to be. I was cheating on myself. Like an Achilles heel it reminded me to shrink my hands in company.

I was tired of pretending to be “normal”, “calm”, “confident”. It just didn`t work anymore. I wanted to be happy for real.

The psychological and life experience background of the moment is bigger, more complicated and not so simple. But at the end of my reflections it was just about my nails and the blackboard on mathematics.

Anyway a try to stopping biting nails, the D E C I S I O N, I`ve made, started a process of mindful changes that lead me to faceing myself and 3 years later accidentally it droped me at the field of Alexander Technique to proof that this constructive and conscious process never ends.

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Maciej Kowalczyk I live in Poland and I`m a professional actor of Contemporary Theatre in Wroclaw. This blog is dedicated to one of my passion which is Alexander Technique.

I have been working with people for more than a few years. The profession of an actor requires searching in many fields. It gives you the opportunity to experience different sensibilities, to sense human behavior and teaches how to deal with them. Being open, being conscious, being flexible and creative is the basis for functioning in this profession.

By working in the theater and organizing the intergenerational workshops, I learned how to listen and understand to people, how to watch them carefully, how to be patient and how to be forgiving. During those few years I managed to change my self-conscious attitude from an embarrassed, withdrawn boyfriend, into a confident, empathetic and positively oriented man to people and the world. I wish to share my experience with others additionally on the field of Alexander Technique, which is also contributed to these good changes.